Ready for Autumn?

October 11, 2010

Time has once again flown past. After a fantastic summer with sport and the jubilee to entertain and inspire us we are now thinking about turning on the heating, pulling out those woolly jumpers and heading for the comfort food!

Here at fresh & naked we love a little warm eating and some of the recipes in our recipe section are just that… we particularly love the spinach soup. Or why not try warm salads with roasted vegetables like carrot, sweet potato and blue cheese or maybe roasted beetroot with bacon and chicken and of course all served on a bed of fresh and naked little leaves!

seasonal little leaves for autumnThis weekend our lovely autumn pack is back, featuring lots of lovely seasonal lettuce, with some nice red batavia for the Multileaf (to compliment the changing leaves!)


We hope it keeps you inspired!

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f&n hits the road!

new lorry in f&n liveryHas anyone spotted our new fresh&naked lorry out on the British highways yet?  We were very excited to have the first of our ‘fleet’ arrive here recently – it’s certainly going to stand out.

As yet there’s just the one, so we’re intrigued to know if anyone has seen it – do let us know on facebook, won’t you?!

The  pic shows Amy, our Brand Manager, pretending to drive it ….

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All ready for Christmas?

Yes it’s nearly here, the cards are sent, (some of) the presents bought and wrapped and the meal plans drawn up if not actually in the fridge/freezer/cupboard. 

fresh&naked christmas edition salad leavesOn the subject of  presents, we find the f&n team cover the whole range between “All bought by the end of August” through to “Oh heck what can I get in Tesco before they close” (on Christmas Eve)  ….  we wonder where our fresh&naked followers fall on that scale?  Although our star self-organiser caught us out this year – normally his announcement that his Xmas shopping is done is the trigger for the rest of us to get started, but for some reason he left it to mid-October!

We don’t think you could quite get away with putting one of our Festive bags in someone’s stocking (unless you keep it in the fridge, of course) but we thought the giftwrapped design would cheer up the fresh salad shelves in the supermarket.  It’s a fabulous colourful mix of Red Multi-Leaf Lettuce, Wild Rocket, Red Pak Choi and Bulls Blood that will look great with a Boxing Day salad – we’ll be adding a few suggestions for happy holiday serving ideas to the recipes page over the next few days.  Keep an eye on the Inspiration corner!

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Welcome to 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you all had a great time, whether out partying through the night or keeping warm at home.

For many of us it’s time  for making our Resolutions to get the new year off to a good start.    Do you find it works better for you if you plan to do less of something (smoking, watching tv, ?) or more (exercise –  and housework, in my case!). fresh&naked limited edition for jan feb 2012  Or something new ?  A quick poll of the f&n team has come up with:  learn to use apostrophe’s correctly, visit my gran more often, take up yoga, learn to use the SkyGo app, do more decorating and try to keep at least one resolution going for more than 2 weeks.  And my favourite:  get ready for Christmas earlier!

Many Resolutions are to do with health & fitness so to help you with your good intentions, our bright and bouncy Seasonal Little Leaves for the start of the year will be on the shelves from this week, with a tasty mix of Spinach, Red Pak Choi and Lambs Lettuce. 

Even if salads don’t immediately spring to mind in the dark days of winter, our fresh little leaves will still go well with warming dishes – we’ve put a few suggestions on the Recipes home page to give you some ideas.

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