August Already?

August 9, 2011

Are we really into the school holidays and half way through the summer already?!  Time has flown so quickly and our growers have been hard at work since the start of the UK growing season in May.

Steve Lawley, farm manager

Meet Steve Lawley, pictured, our farm manager who looks after the babyleaf salad on our farms near Great Yarmouth.  Jaroslaw Szymbor (on the right) is our Harvest Manager and he makes sure that our little leaves are picked just at the right time when they’re at their best.  Our Harvesting manager

Their teams are out in all weathers (as are the little leaves, of course) and this summer is certainly giving us some variety: hot and sunny one week and thunder and lightning the next!  


We have some new recipe suggestions for you on the Recipes page, and there will be more full recipes and some new Team faces for you to meet next week.

 It may sound strange but here at fresh&naked we’re already thinking about Christmas – it’s only 4 months away now! The team are busy working on new ideas and some great pack designs so that our little leaves can be enjoyed over the winter months, as well as the summer.  It can take up to 8 weeks to get a new pack finalised and printed so we have to work some way in advance.  If you have any particular salad favourites you’d like to vote for, or think we should include some different flavours in the mix, do let us know.

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Can the Living Leaves be planted out?

August 2, 2011

You can plant them out but as they are close to full  maturity anyway they will quickly reach the flowering stage (‘bolting’) and the flavour won’t be so good.  If they are kept in a container with plenty of light (not direct sunlight) and watered regularly they should last at least a week.  The Living Herbs we are trying out this summer can be planted out, either in pots or in a sheltered corner of your garden.

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