Unwashed Leaves Last Longer!!!

October 22, 2013

new f&n pack design for 2013 Over the past few days there have been a lot of negative news stories around prepared washed salads being wasted. You can find the original story on the BBC news web-site

Here at fresh & naked our core principal is that little leaves should be sold “unwashed”. Because we don’t bash our leaves about in a tumble dryer or pack them in modified atmosphere packaging they retain their natural field freshness for longer. Our solo leafs such as rocket and lambs lettuce are packed in 60g bags, while most of our mixes are in 90g packs.   We picked our size range so even small households can minimise wastage.

Our ‘enjoy by’ date is there as a guide; however on many occasions our salads can be used well beyond the enjoy by date – your eyes and nose (and some common sense) are the best guide!  But we would love you to enjoy your fresh salads at their best, which means as fresh as possible (and that goes for most salads and veg), so please don’t leave them lurking in the fridge for as long as you can get away with !

We have looked at resealable bags but a lot of people tell us if they don’t use the pack in one go they just roll down the top of the bag and that works fine.

 We have some great NEW “unwashed” salads hitting the shelves over the next few months so look out for them and tell us all about your fresh & naked creations on facebook or twitter.  #fresherforlonger !

 Happy Salad Eating!

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There was a young lady called Bridget ….

who won our Poetry Competition!  Congratulations, Bridget – you’re the winner of our snazzy Joseph Joseph chopping board, which is on its way to you.

Bridget’s winning rhyme:

 There was a young lady with a bucket
Who decided to fill it with rocket
She got out her hose
And started to pose
To water her rocket in a bucket


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