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June 30, 2011

Welcome to our new-look website – we hope you’ll have fun trying out the new features.  We’re delighted to welcome Liz McClarnon, Celebrity Masterchef winner and ex-Atomic Kitten as a Friend of fresh&naked and feature her delicious recipes created just for us. I can personally recommend the Thai Prawn Salad … or the Mexican Layered Salad … and then again the Breakfast Salad makes a great brunch treat too!

We have some seasonal ‘quick fixes’ every month (fresh ideas that don’t really need a recipe) and there are even more ideas linking to our recipe pdf’s.  If you’ve got a favourite way with your little leaves, do let us know and we can spread the word.

There’s also a new FAQ section where we’ll try to answer your questions. If you have a question that we haven’t answered yet, just get typing!

We’re enjoying our summer so far (give or take a few thunderstorms) and so are the leaves.  It has been very dry here in East Anglia but all that sunshine is doing wonders for the crops. A good job really as people seem to be enjoying them so much, especially our new Big British bags. We’ve added radishes and a new Living Leaves – The Redhead – to the line-up for this summer and some of you will also see our new Living Herbs, Parsley and Coriander, which will be appearing on the fresh produce shelves in selected stores for a trial period this month.

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Will fresh&naked have organic products?

June 23, 2011

As growers we do have organic farms, but we don’t have any immediate plans to add organic leaves to the fresh&naked range. We think our little leaves are great quality and value as it is!

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What does ‘Various’ mean on the Country of Origin panel?

On our single product packs we put the country of origin, but the mixes may contain leaves from France, Spain or Italy, particularly in the winter when we can’t grow salad leaves in this country.  We are allowed to just put ‘Various’ but so many people have asked about this that we’re looking at increasing the overprint area so we can list each country.

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Is your packaging recyclable?

The bags are not recyclable, as although the film and paper layers could be it’s the glue that holds them together that isn’t.  However the bags do help the leaves to last for longer because they prevent dehydration, and the double layer makes a stronger bag to protect our little leaves.  Recyclable packaging is something we’re very keen on, but at the moment the cost and performance of the materials are still some way off.

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Do I really have to wash the leaves?

We do advise that you should wash your fresh&naked leaves before eating, as they are grown in open fields.  Wash them in running water and drain in a colander or give them a whirl in a salad spinner just before serving.

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May 2011 – Getting there

June 4, 2011

Our new site is currently underway and we’re hoping to launch in the next few weeks (if you’re reading this… it already has!!). We’re hoping it will give our customers more opportunities to get in touch and keep in touch with what’s going on here at Fresh and Naked!

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