April 8, 2013

At last! Some sunshine broke through this weekend (in part of the country, anyway).  It’s a bit late this year but Spring does seem to be just round the corner now.

Forgive us for mentioning the weather (we must all be fed up with the subject by now!) but it does affect our growers.  This March was the second coldest the UK has seen since records began, and our own temperature measurements are at record low levels.  This means the new UK season crops are off to a late start – in particular our radishes are about 2 weeks behind schedule and have a lot of catching up to do so it’s a good thing they’re one of the fastest-growing veggies around.  Our growers do their best to protect the crops with fleece covers and so on, but it has been exceptionally cold and made it a very difficult start to this year.

It isn’t just the growers who have been busy lately – our packaging team are now putting the finishing touches  to a set of fresh designs that will be on the shelves in a couple of months’ time.  Keep an eye out for them – they’re certainly going to stand out on the shelves!

We’re also working on some fresh new mixes of little leaves for you to try this summer – but I’m not allowed to say too much about them at this stage.  At least we’re all eating very healthily with all the taste trials going on!

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