Summer’s on its way

May 14, 2014

Summer is here at ‘fresh & naked’ even if the weather doesn’t seem to think so!

mixed radishesSome of our favourite summer lines are back on the shelf this week: our fabulous ‘fancy radish’ with its colourful purple, juicy french breakfast and crunchy red radish mix will add a vibrant zing to any salad. Whilst also making a lovely addition to any lunchbox as a snack!

The Living Leaves trio is also back on the shelf with its mix of living leaves that will thrive on your (not too sunny, please) windowsill. Perfect for just taking a few leaves as a garnish and as fresh as you can possibly get!

Finally our favourite ‘Big British Leaves’ mix is back, grown by our farmer Mr Lawley on our lovely farms in Norfolk. This clever little mix of leaves is all sown at the same time in the field and all the leaves harvested together – which means no mixing! Which means it’s even fresher with less handling by the time it reaches your fridge. It also tastes amazing!

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