Fresh & Naked: Unwashed Salad Leaves

Straight from the garden goodness

At Fresh & Naked, we don’t wash our leaves, or stress our crops with over-processing. From the moment you open the bag, we want you to get as close as possible to that natural garden freshness.

Healthy, tastier and fresher for longer.

We do less.

You get more.

We don’t wash our leaves, but it’s not just about what we take away, it’s what we add. That’s why Fresh & Naked is committed to being as sustainable as possible.

Continuously striving to be environmentally responsible today, so that we’re thriving tomorrow.

Green fingers. Green thinkers. Green doers.

Rinse then ready for freshness you can taste in no time at all.

A quick rinse and Fresh & Naked is ready to eat. Low on effort, high on reward, you promise to wash our leaves before you eat, and we promise to bring you the best from our gardens, naturally cared for and expertly grown.

For the best nature has to offer, just add water.

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