American Ranch Salad

Enjoy this filling, traditional American Ranch Salad, made with our fresh and naked baby mixed leaves.

Fresh & Naked Rainbow Salad

Different colours in fruit and veg signify different nutrients, so ‘eat the rainbow’ with this fresh, colourful salad for a healthy boost to your daily nutrient intake. Full of flavour thanks to the beetroot and with added crunch from the peppery radishes and peppers and mangetout.

F&N Summer Bread Salad

This salad is a great way of using up good quality bread such as a baguette or tiger bread, we love it so much we don’t wait for the bread to go stale though. Ideal as an accompaniment to an impromptu BBQ as most of the ingredients always seem to be easily to hand in the summer […]

F&N Thai Prawn Salad

If you love prawns and spicy food this is a great easy recipe for a summer lunch; but why not take it to work or put it in a picnic. Keep the prawns and sauce separate until you want to serve it to prevent the salad leaves wilting. Raw Tiger Prawns are now readily available […]

Two-Cheese Pizza Snack

Using pitta breads as a base helps to keep the calories down while retaining all the  flavour.

Whole Baked Camembert with Mixed Salad & Walnuts

Whole Baked Camembert with Mixed Salad & Walnuts

This is a wonderful sharing dish and the toasted walnuts and rocket are a perfect foil to the soft gooey cheese. The Inspiration for this dish is from Honfleur in France where they often serve a green salad and walnuts with the cheese course.

Happy Skin Kitchen Herby Potato Salad

“This is my herby new potato salad which includes a vibrant parsley and basil dressing, peas and slow roasted tomatoes which all add a scrumptious burst of sweetness! It’s so simple to make and I promise you will never look at salads in the same way!”