Prawn, Rocket and Radish Linguine

Prawn, Rocket and Radish Linguine Recipe

Boost your energy before or after runs by having a meal high in carbohydrates. They don’t come much tastier than this rocket, prawn and @love.radish pasta!

Warm Chickpea & Chorizo Salad

Salads aren’t just for hot sunny days, they can be a warming addition to your meals.  This is really quick and easy, but doesn’t compromise on flavour!

Two-Cheese Pizza Snack

Using pitta breads as a base helps to keep the calories down while retaining all the  flavour.

Whole Baked Camembert with Mixed Salad & Walnuts

Whole Baked Camembert with Mixed Salad & Walnuts

This is a wonderful sharing dish and the toasted walnuts and rocket are a perfect foil to the soft gooey cheese. The Inspiration for this dish is from Honfleur in France where they often serve a green salad and walnuts with the cheese course.

Fresh & Naked Breakfast Salad

If you’re not an early riser, this could be just the thing to start the day with, but it’s also a great brunch or supper dish. The real secret to a lovely runny egg yolk is to have a very fresh free range egg to begin with. Get the water boiling, and then add the eggs […]