Our STory

We are a group of lettuce lovers who have put together a fantastic range of fresh unwashed salads.

fresh & naked was launched in May 2010 as an exciting way to enjoy baby leaf lettuce. The brand was launched with great support from our friends at Tesco. Today we still sell the same great fresh & naked salads exclusively at Tesco in most of their large supermarkets. Working through salad growers G’s, our fresh and naked salads only use the best tasting premium little leaves, that are primarily sourced from our farms in costal locations of Norfolk and Sussex.

During the winter supply comes from our farms in Southern Spain, with supplementary supply from partner growers in Italy and France who we have worked with for a number of years. Our ethos is to sell an unwashed field cut product, handling the leaves as little as possible with no harsh washing process that damages the leaves. This typically allows for a drier leaf which ultimately lasts a little longer…..


Unfortunately it isn’t possible to produce plants in an outdoor environment that are free from all weeds, pests and diseases, and at times we will need to treat a crop.  We only do this when absolutely necessary and our salads are regularly tested to ensure they are safe to eat. 

We advise that you wash your fresh & naked leaves before eating, as they are grown in open fields and may have some dust or soil.  Wash them in running water and drain in a colander or give them a whirl in a salad spinner just before serving.

The fresh and naked bags are made from film and paper layers which are glued together. This mixed material is unfortunately not currently recyclable. These bags help the leaves last longer because they prevent dehydration, and the double layer makes the bag stronger which protects our little leaves. Recyclable packaging is something that is of utmost importance to us and we have committed to being in a recyclable packaging solution as soon as a suitable alternative come onto the market.

On our single product packs we put the country of origin, but the mixes may contain leaves from France, Spain or Italy, particularly in the winter when we can’t grow salad leaves in this country. 

As growers we do have organic farms, but we don’t have any immediate plans to add organic leaves to the fresh & naked range.

fresh & naked was created by Dan and Anthony in 2010. The brand is owned by salad and veg growers G’s www.gs-fresh.com.