Summer 2018 Finally Gets Underway!

June 4, 2018

After the long cold winter and the spring filled with snow and ice, it’s with great happiness we are now seeing the sun come out and our UK crops growing.

The little leaves from on our farms on the Sussex and Norfolk coasts are starting to look fantastic after a rough start to the year.

UK Spinach Harvest on The South Coast

So if you are looking for some healthy summer eating or just a bit of inspiration check out our recipe pages or follow us on instagarm where you can see some of the recipes that we are loving right now. 

Happy Summer Salad Eating!

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Summer Is Around the Corner!

March 29, 2018

With some of the heaviest snow and coldest weather we have seen in recent times. We are all super excited spring is starting to get under way and we are out on the farm getting ready to move into UK production from May. The exact date is still unknown as we will have to see what the weather brings over the coming weeks.

We have been working on some superb new mixes that we will be introducing through the course of the summer and we have some fun promotional partnerships lined up that we are really looking forward to, so watch this space for updates through the course of the summer!

Happy salad eating!

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Happy & Healthy New Year 2018

December 27, 2017

So it’s that time of year again…. what will you change as we put 2017 behind us?

Will you shop better or eat better or simply just cook more often?








So if you want healthy fresh salads







Or if you still want a pizza with a healthy topping…….







Stick with fresh & naked through 2018 and we are sure we will have something in our recipe collection that will make 2018 an even better year!

Follow us on twitter @freshandnaked for all our latest news…..


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School’s out for Salad!

August 10, 2017

Schools out for summer! With children breaking up for the school holidays what is the first thing on their mind? Salad of course!

So here is a child friendly salad recipe that includes some of our gorgeous fresh & naked wild rocket and baby spinach that we know they will love.

Child Friendly Rocket, Spinach and Feta Salad













Or how about a healthy alternative to cool down in the sweltering hot English summer days with this spinach (yes spinach) ice cream!

Spinach Ice Cream!










Let us know what you think! #spinachicecream!


What else have we been getting up to on the farm then?

Well harvest is in full swing and we are working around the clock to bring you the freshest baby leaves to your salads! (And ice-creams!)















The weather hasn’t been the best of friends recently with heavy rain and thunderstorms making it tricky to harvest (unlike in this picture!) but never the less we shall battle on through!


Also this week saw us host our annual innovation showcase for a few special guests; this is where we get to show off the best ideas for new and interesting products, so stay tuned for exciting updates!

That’s all folks! Contact us through or on the socials! We’re always here to answer your questions.

Stay leafy!

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A Summer of Two Halves!

September 3, 2015

As the nights draw in and we reflect on the summer, it really has been a summer of two halves…. Starting quite well with warm weather through May and June, the weather started to turn in July and then we have had one of the wettest August ever over at our base in Cambridgeshire!

Anyhow – If you are thinking of putting the BBQ away and moving out of your seasonal salads and into a bit of comfort eating, why not check out our super tasty and extra healthy Spinach Soup.

Spinach Soup Recipe









Spinach Soup Recipe


Through this autumn we will be bringing you some super healthy meal ideas and some awesome healthy link up’s…. More to come!


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Struggling in the Heat? – Relax with an F&N Salad.

July 7, 2015


As the temperature hot’s up across the UK, things are starting to warm up on the farm and volumes keep going up and up.

If you are new to fresh & naked this summer, welcome on-board, let us know what you think of our little leaves.

If you are looking for a lighter meal on these hot evenings, check out our recipes page where we have some great salad recipe ideas such as our Warm Chickpea & Chorizo Rocket Salad

Chick Pea Chorizo 001 330x










For the rest of the summer we have some great promotions lined up and we are currently working on some great partnership opportunities.

Be first to know what we are up to by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.

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London’s Calling…..

June 11, 2015


We are now in the second week of our London Tube & Taxi advertising campaign. We think it looks great, but hey don’t take our word for it …..

Let us know what you think, either with a cheeky pic via Facebook or twitter if you see one while traveling round the big smoke. If you are not in London, check out our video, its just like being there for real… well sort of!


Look out for our fresh & naked ads in lifestyle magazines, through the course of the summer months.

Closer to home the weather is starting to hot up here in East Anglia and crops are looking great down on the farm, so all ready for that real blast of sunshine we are all waiting for…

Remember that sun lotion!

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